Hell’s Egos is a nonprofit organization.


Promote motorcycling , build unbreakable brotherhood bonds and create relationships with other like-minded clubs.


HEMC was blessed in June 2013 by HLMC Gambler. The members at that time were Stitch, Back-Road, Snowman (from Alter Egos), Token, Locksmith and Speedy. They were flipped from the MC “Altered Egos” to HEMC. The colors are Black, Gold, White and Green. Black- Growth,  Gold–Wisdom,  White–Understanding, Green–Rebirth. The Cross–Brotherhood. The three Skulls represent the three original members. One facing left, one facing right and one facing forward. NEVER LOOKING BACKWARD. The rockers we wear represent the Outlaw Umbrella of Hell’s Lover’s MC. We have had six Bros die and they are members of our BEYOND THE GRAVE Chapter. Weezy, Dee, Batman, Lapo, J-Dawg and Tu Kim